Dream Catcher

Evolution’s unique new money wheel!

Find out all about Dream Catcher, a live money wheel created by Evolution Gaming that has a live dealer and exciting multipliers.

Casinos where we love to play Dream Catcher


円7 500 Bonus
45x Wagering
200 Free Spins
0x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | 18+. New players only. 100% match on first deposit up to C円2500. Bonus wagering 45x. Min deposit C円30. Free spins wagering x45. Bonus expires after 14 days. Additional terms and conditions apply. | Terms and conditions apply.

Mucho Vegas

円5 000 Bonus
30x Wagering
150 Free Spins
30x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New Players only. 1st Deposit 100% Up To 円2000. 2nd Deposit: 50% Up To 円1000 + 25 free spins. 3rd Deposit: 50% Up To 円1000 + 25 free spins. 4th Deposit: 50% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 5th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 6th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 7th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. BW: 30x bonus + deposit amount. Min deposit: 円10. | Terms and conditions apply.

Leon Casino

円4 500 Bonus
35x Wagering
Free Spins
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New players only. Welcome bonus Package up to 円4,500. Min Deposit required of 円20. Wagering Requirement of 35x. Bonus must be claimed and used within 30 days. | Terms and conditions apply.
  • Evolution’s first game show title released in 2017
  • Fully immerse yourself in anticipation of exciting multipliers!
  • Take a look below to find out where to play Dream Catcher from Canada!

Dream Catcher is Evolution Gaming’s first live money wheel, and practically the first game show to enter the live casino scene. Simple yet captivating, the game continues to be a favourite among players and has served as inspiration for some of Evolution’s other games.

In Dream Catcher, players make a bet on what number the wheel will stop at. If they pick correctly, they win a payout that corresponds to the number on the wheel. This game is easy to play and has enormous winning potential. 

Keep reading our Dream Catcher Review to find out more on how and where to play this game if you’re in Canada!

Dream Catcher Overview

Game NameDream Catcher
ProviderEvolution Gaming
Features52-segment wheel, Live host, multipliers
Min BetC円0.10
Max Bet円2,500
Max Win円500,000
Dream Catcher Info

Where to play Dream Catcher from Canada?

Several online casinos offer this game to Canadian players as part of their live casino collection. For a chance to play it with a live casino bonus, check out the below casinos:

What is Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is an online casino game of chance inspired by money wheel games at physical casinos and TV game shows.

The Dream Catcher’s Wheel has inspired other Game Shows in the industry

Dream Catcher has a large, vertical spinner that is manned by a live presenter. This wheel consists of 52 segments displaying the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, together with two multiplier segments: x2 and x7 (more on how these work further down below). In a nutshell, players bet on what number the wheel will land on before the presenter spins the wheel. 

Evolution Gaming are well known for their friendly hosts. They are not only there to spin the wheel but are also known for being incredibly entertaining. Using fantastic wit and humour, they interact directly with players. This showmanship naturally helps immerse players and tempt them to play more rounds. 

How to play Dream Catcher?

A round of Dream Catcher is simple. First, you bet on the number which you predict the wheel will land on. If the arrow lands on your number, you get a payout!

At the beginning of the round, you will need to place your bet in the paytable. The paytable is located along the bottom of the screen. 

On the left, you will see your balance and your last win amount listed. You will also see a chatbox. Here you can talk directly to the other players or the host. You will see circles with numbers on them on the right, representing every section on the wheel. 

In the middle of the paytable, you will see chips of various values (one, five, 25, etc.). These represent the money you have available to bet. Click on the amount you want to bet. Next, you will need to choose what number you want to bet on.

Above the chips, you will see two rows of rectangles with the numbers one, two, five, 10, 20, and 40. These represent all the numbers on the wheel. Click the number you want to bet on. If you wish, you can place bets on multiple numbers.

In the middle of the screen, you will see the wheel and the dealer. Once betting has closed, the dealer will spin the wheel. When it stops spinning, a graphic showing the winning number will appear. If you placed a bet on that number, it would also tell you how much money you won.

If the wheel lands on a times two or seven spot, your bet will be locked in place and the host will spin again. If you win, your payout will be multiplied by two or seven, respectively. 

Dream Catcher Payouts

Payouts in this game match up with the number on the wheel. For example, if it lands on a 10, your bet increases by 10. The payout numbers include one, two, five, 10, 20, and 40. Each number appears on the wheel a different amount of times.

The game also has multipliers, x2 and x7. When the wheel lands on a multiplier, bets remain the same, and the wheel is spun again. Payouts for that spin are multiplied by the number on the multiplier. 

There is no limit in the number of times the dealer can spin a multiplier consecutively. Theoretically, multipliers could continue to stack until the maximum win is reached.

Dream Catcher Strategy

Dream Catcher is a game of chance. However, some smart strategies can increase the likelihood of winning. For example, by betting on the numbers with the most slots on the wheel (one, two, and five), the player increases their odds. 

Another low-risk strategy is the “twenty-twenty-two” strategy. A player covers all the two, 10, and 20 spots. This strategy covers a total of 21 sections.

Then the player bets as much on two as they do in total on 10 and 20. If the winning number is two, the player gets their bet back. If the winning number is 10 or 20, the player gets a decent profit.

There is also a medium-risk strategy, the “Simple Five” strategy. A player covers all five spots. This strategy covers a total of 54 sections. This simple betting strategy gives an average chance of winning a little more than once every four spins.

One high-risk strategy is the “Big Risk” strategy. A player covers only the 20 and 40 spots on the wheel. This strategy involves hoping to land on the multipliers and make a large profit. While a player can win big with this strategy, it can also lead to losing a lot of money. 

You should always have a set amount of cash you are willing to spend while playing an online casino game. This way, in the worst-case scenario, you have only lost this amount. You avoid the temptation to spend a lot of money, and you minimize your chance of loss.

Graphics & Sounds

Evolution Gaming features HD in all their game shows – Dream Catcher is not an exception

Dream Catcher uses a studio camera, lights, and sound effects that are synchronized with the game.

While the wheel spins, the live dealer entertains the players. Lights and sound effects incite celebration as the winning number is announced. 

There are other subtle sounds, as well. You can hear the wheel spinning and there is light background music. 

The game is streamed in HD. If a player does not have a good internet connection, the stream automatically adjusts so that it loses as little visual quality as possible.

Other game shows to play if you like Dream Catcher

If you enjoy playing Dream Catcher, Evolution has other game show casino games. Their game Crazy Time is another live money wheel similar to Dream Catcher, with the addition of four exciting bonus games. 

They have games based on popular TV game shows, such as Monopoly Live and Deal or No Deal Live. Other similar games include Lightning Roulette, Mega Ball, Lightning Dice, and Football Studio

Dream Catcher Review – Conclusion

Dream Catcher is an entertaining online casino game that’s ideal for those who are after uncomplicated gameplay that doesn’t require much strategy. The friendly hosts help make the game even more immersive, as does the high-quality HD streaming by Evolution Gaming.

If you don’t mind games of chance and you’d like to experience the most popular live casino game show to date, then we highly recommend you treat yourself to a round of Dream Catcher at a licensed online casino. As a Canadian player, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Crazy Time

All about the Crazy Time live game show

Everything you need to know about the Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming! Find out all about the payouts, RTP, and how to play Crazy Time!

Casinos where you can play Crazy Time


円1 400 Bonus
40x Wagering
175 Free Spins
30x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | 18+. New players only. Min deposit C円10. Wagering requirements: bonuses x40; free spins x30. Bonuses are valid for 5 days. Game weights: slots 100%, table games 15%, Insta games 0%, live casino 0%. | Terms and conditions apply.


円1 000 Bonus
50x Wagering
50 Free Spins
35x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | 18+.New Players only. Min C円20 deposit. 50x wagering on bonus and free spins. Spins expire in 3 days. Bonuses are valid for 14 days. Game Weights: 100%: Slots, All Live Casino games: 15% – Except Dream Catcher: 50%, All Roulette (except Live), Caribbean Stud, Crash & Casino Stud Poker games: 10%, All Casino Hold’Em, Red Dog, Pai Gow Poker Games, Oasis Poker & Texas Hold’Em Poker Games: 10%, All BlackJack (except Live BlackJack), Baccarat, Video Poker, Pontoon, Beat Me, Punto Banco Games: 5% | Terms and conditions apply.


15% Cashback EXCLUSIVE
60 Free Spins
30x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New players only. 10 No Deposit Free Spins rewarded upon registration. Welcome Bonus: Exclusive 15% Cashback Offer + 50 free spins on 1st deposit. Wagering requirements: 30x. Min deposit: 円5. | Terms and conditions apply.


円1 000 Bonus
35x Wagering
100 Free Spins
35x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New Players Only | Welcome Bonus Package of up to 円1,000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins | 1st Deposit: 100% match up to 円100 + 100 free spins. 2nd Deposit: 50% match up to 円200. 3rd Deposit: 25% match up to 円700. 35x Wagering for both Bonus Money and Free Spins | Free Spin rewarded as 10 per day for 10 days | Min deposit is 円20. | Terms and conditions apply.


円1 000 Bonus
40x Wagering
Free Spins
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | +18.New Players only. Min C円20 deposit. Get up to 円1,000 in bonuses. 1st Deposit Bonus: 200%. 2nd Deposit Bonus: 50%. 3rd Deposit Bonus: 25%. 4th Deposit Bonus: 25%. 5th Deposit Bonus: 50%. 40x wagering on bonus. Additional terms and conditions apply. | Terms and conditions apply.

Level Up Casino

円2 000 Bonus
40x Wagering
200 Free Spins
40x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New Players Only. Welcome Bonus: 100% up to 円2,000 + 200 free spins. 1st deposit: 100% match up to 円400 + 100 free spins. 2nd deposit: 50% match up to 円600 + 50 free spins. 3rd deposit: 50% deposit bonus up to 円600. 4th deposit: 100% match up to 円400 + 50 free spins. Bonus wagering: 40x. FS Wagering: 40x. Min deposit: 円20. | Terms and conditions apply.
  • Crazy Time is one of the craziest, most entertaining games from Evolution Gaming
  • Catch the live action with a sensational host and 4 exhilarating bonus rounds
  • Take a spin at the wheel to win your share of 160,000x your bet 
  • Read on to find out how you can play this electrifying game

Crazy Time allows you to feel like a participant in a live game show. It’s by far one of the most innovative games from Evolution Gaming, which takes the form of a wheel of fortune that can also lead to exciting and rewarding bonus rounds!

We’ll unpack all the Crazy Time features, the groovy bonus rounds‘ ins and outs, and explain how to play Crazy Time in our full review below. 

Crazy Time Game Overview

Game NameCrazy Time
ProviderEvolution Gaming
  • multipliers
  • 4 different bonus rounds
Min Bet円0.10
Max Bet円1000 
Top Win円500.000
Crazy Time Info

Where to play Crazy Time from Canada

Are you ready to dive into the magical game show world of Crazy Time? Lucky for you, multiple online casinos in Canada give you a chance to spin the Crazy Time Wheel.

Since the game has become outrageously popular, it’s not difficult to find a casino to play at. Griffon Casino has a great live casino, so you’ll definitely be able to find Crazy Time at this casino.

Check out the casinos above, all of which have Crazy Time as part of their live casino collection!

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a live online casino game show. Picture this: you’ve been called upon to take a chance at a fantastic jackpot. In front of you is a game show host or hostess.

Beside them is a gigantic multicoloured wheel. All you have to do is place your bet, the host spins the wheel, and it could land on several exciting bonus rounds, a coin flip, a number, or (if you’re lucky) the crazy time bonus round.

The spinning wheel, colourful design, strikingly different bonus rounds and high-spirited game show hosts will remind you of the T.V. classics loved by all. If you experience F.O.M.O. (Fear of missing out) while sitting on your couch watching others compete for huge prizes on T.V., then fear no more!

Crazy Time is a simulation of the game shows frequently aired on popular T.V. channels.

How to play Crazy Time?

At the live casino section of your casino of choice, pick Crazy Time. 

Once you do this, you’ll be transported to Evolution Gaming live studio, where you’re greeted by a dashing host who’s presenting the vibrant wheel and sharing some particulars of the game.

You’ll see the studio and find the betting options at the bottom. 

Crazy Time Review Canada

Place Your Bets 

Pick the amount you want to bet. You can place anywhere from 1 to 8 bets.

Thanks to the variety of the wheel, you can wager on numbers or bonus rounds. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you don’t bet on a bonus round and the arrow lands on one, you can only watch the others play.

So try to bet on bonus rounds if you can- you don’t want to miss out on the fun. 

Crazy Time Game Show

The Wheel is Spun

The host will spin the wheel. If you look at the top left of the screen, you’ll find comments from other players. This chatbox adds to the entertainment and level of interaction in the game.

Feel free to crack some jokes or share good luck messages with other players. You can send a message to the host but chances are they won’t respond.

The Chosen Multiplier 

In every game, a different multiplier is selected. As the wheel spins with its 54 divisions, the eight bets are divided. If the wheel stops at a division with that particular bet, then the multiplier is triggered. 

The Wheel Halts 

If the wheel stops at a number that you placed a bet on, then everyone who bet on that number gets an instant win. If you bet on a bonus round and it lands, then that round is played, and all winnings are paid immediately after. Easy Peasy! 

Once the bonus round is complete and winners get paid – the game starts all over again. Keep your eyes peeled because you may even see a new host. 

Bonus Rounds

When we say a bonus, we mean BONUS! The bonus rounds in Crazy Time are captivating, nail-biting and enthralling. Each one has a unique theme and a completely different game.

What’s more, each bonus round has a different payout structure. The striking differences between them is one of the best features in Crazy Time. 

crazy time bonus round

Pachinko Bonus Game

Pachinko is an elaborate pinball-type game with origins in Japan. Its simplicity may be what makes it so popular. In this bonus game, the host will drop a ball that bounces in random directions going through multiple stops.

When it lands on a slot, you win a prize, and you could win up to 500x

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

On your screen, there’ll be a colossal shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers. Random symbols such as pink cupcakes, cute bunnies and gift boxes block them from view. The multipliers go up to 75x your bet. 

cash hunt bonus crazy time

Each player must select their target (where they feel the most massive multiplier is hiding). The cannon shoots the selected icon when the time is up, and it reveals the multiplier to each player. All players win different multipliers which could work for or against you. 

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The Coin Flip Bonus is a super simple game involving a coin with red and blue sides. Before the coin is flipped, two multipliers appear on the screen- one for the red and blue sides.

The multiplier could go up to an astonishing 5000x the stake. When the coin lands, you win either the blue or red prize depending on which side the coin lands on. 

crazy time coin flip

Crazy Time Wheel

Possibly the most exciting bonus round, but the chances are once in a blue moon because there’s only one ‘Crazy Time’ division on the wheel.

Each player chooses between a blue, green or yellow flapper beforehand. The host pushes the big red button, and the wheel starts spinning. Your prize depends on where the wheel stops. 

If it stops at ‘Double’ or ‘Triple,’ then the wheel spins again, and all wins are doubled or tripled accordingly. This round is something to hope for because multipliers can reach 20,000x.

Aside from the possible wins, it’s also the most captivating round both visually and mentally.

Crazy Time Payouts

The payout possibilities all depend on how much you bet and how lucky you get. We’ve created easy formulas depending on your bet and the number. 

  • Number 1 (1:1) – Every 円1 bet on the number 1 will pay 円1, plus Crazy Time will refund your stake  
  • Number 2 (2:1) – Every 円1 bet on number 2 will pay 円2, and your original stake
  • Number 5 (5:1) Every 円1 placed on the number 5 will win you 円5 plus your stake 
  • Number 10 (10:1) For every 円1 bet on the number 10, you get 円10 plus a refund of your original stake 

As you can see, the payout process is pretty simple, and you definitely get more than you put in if you win. Here’s a summary of the maximum payout for bonus rounds (read above for more details) 

  • Pachinko:  500x
  • Cash Hunt: 75x 
  • Coin Flip: 5000x
  • Crazy Time: 20,000x

Crazy Time Strategy

Having a plan is essential when playing any game. The key to Crazy Time is the bonus rounds. If you try to play it safe by betting only numbers, you won’t win in the long run.

On the one hand, betting only on numbers could result in low odds, payouts and substantial losses.

On the other hand, multipliers have a significant impact on your overall profits. 

That’s why we recommend betting on both numbers and bonus rounds. It’s a good idea to bet on more bonus rounds, as the chances you’ll reap more rewards, in the long run, are better.

As with any casino game, you should try timing your bets in accordance with the probability of the game. 

Graphics and Sounds

The stage and sounds create a real game show ambience. The studio is vibrant and flashy with a touch of elegance and a mound of pizzazz.

The wheel is a stunning array of hues, including pink, yellow and purple, as well as glitzy bits representing the bonus rounds. Each bonus round has its unique graphics and sounds. 

The Coin Flip Bonus has an elegant gold-coloured machine wrapped in golden lights. Purple and pink light encapsulated in a glass box is seen throughout the Pachinko round.

A real treat for your eyes is in the Cash Hunt Bonus Game – a gallery of cute animated objects. 

If you want to experience something genuinely whimsical and out of this world, the Crazy Time Bonus Game is sure to deliver.

You’ll find a golden, opulent wheel against a backdrop of adorable animals like penguins, golden coins and keys, starfish and fairy dust. 

The overall theme is magical and interactive. You’ll find that the hosts are also dressed in exciting costumes. Some look like characters from fairytales.

There are sound notifications from the chatbox, which you can turn off if it’s distracting, and you can also mute the host if you’d prefer complete silence. 

Other game shows to play if you like Crazy Time

If you enjoy the realistic game setting of Crazy Time, then you should give Monopoly Live and Dream Catcher a try. These are both virtual games and have a game show aesthetic just like Crazy Time.

However, we feel that they’re not as crazy, colourful and entertaining as this option. 

Is it worth playing Crazy Time?

The best way to answer this question is to weigh out the pros and cons. Here’s a list of the good and bad we experienced when playing Crazy Time. 


  • High Entertainment Value – Lots of bonus rounds and elaborate decor 
  • Simple Gameplay – The only work you do is place bets 
  • Grand Payouts – Win up to 20,000x in the Crazy Time round
  • Interactive – Chat feature allows you to talk with other players


  • Too Crazy for some – the unique bonus rounds and colourful decor might be a bit much
  • Busy Host – No interaction with the host like there is in live blackjack or roulette 
  • No demo available – Thrown into the deep end if you don’t learn about the game beforehand

Crazy Time Review – Conclusion

Evolution Gaming has built a name for itself as one of the most innovative creators, and Crazy Time is another one of its hit wheel games.

It’s hard to fault because the effort put into it is easy to see. The only downside is that if you play it safe and don’t bet many bonus rounds, then you won’t get to experience the game at its best. 

The entertainment value is unbeatable, and the gameplay is simple and interactive. We recommend this game to all adventurers and thrill-seekers. It’s time to get crazy! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Crazy Time is played using a huge bonus wheel, full of different prizes including cash rewards.
Crazy Time was created by Evolution back in 2020.
Apparently, a potential win of 12,500x was triggered back in January of 2021 during a Cash Hunt bonus round!


Spin the Wheel to Build Your Fortune!

Monopoly Live is an interactive game show by the industry leader Evolution Gaming.

Top Casinos to play Monopoly Live


円7 500 Bonus
45x Wagering
200 Free Spins
0x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | 18+. New players only. 100% match on first deposit up to C円2500. Bonus wagering 45x. Min deposit C円30. Free spins wagering x45. Bonus expires after 14 days. Additional terms and conditions apply. | Terms and conditions apply.

Mucho Vegas

円5 000 Bonus
30x Wagering
150 Free Spins
30x Wagering
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New Players only. 1st Deposit 100% Up To 円2000. 2nd Deposit: 50% Up To 円1000 + 25 free spins. 3rd Deposit: 50% Up To 円1000 + 25 free spins. 4th Deposit: 50% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 5th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 6th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. 7th: 25% Up To 円250 + 25 free spins. BW: 30x bonus + deposit amount. Min deposit: 円10. | Terms and conditions apply.

Leon Casino

円4 500 Bonus
35x Wagering
Free Spins
Play now! Review
19+ | 18+ in AB, MB, & QC | Play Responsibly | Responsiblegambling.org | New players only. Welcome bonus Package up to 円4,500. Min Deposit required of 円20. Wagering Requirement of 35x. Bonus must be claimed and used within 30 days. | Terms and conditions apply.
  • Get on Board With Your Favourite Board Game, revamped for Live Casinos!
  • Enjoy a Dream Catcher-type wheel that features your favourite board game
  • Win up to 円500,000 with the brilliant bonus games in Monopoly Live!

Hasbro’s Monopoly has been thrilling and entertaining the world for generations. We were obviously thrilled when we learnt of their collaboration with Evolution Gaming to create a one-of-a-kind Monopoly game based on the award-winning ‘Dream Catcher.’ 

In this review, we’ll investigate the Monopoly Live features and learn more about the gameplay. We’ll also give you some pointers about where to play Monopoly Live from some of the best casinos in Canada.

Monopoly Live Game Show Overview

Game Name:Monopoly Live
Provider:Evolution Gaming
Features: Bonus Games, Chance Cards, Multipliers
Min Bet:円0.10
Max Bet:Betting limit depends on casino
Top Win:円500,000
Monopoly Live Info

Where to Play the Monopoly Live Game Show from Canada?

Even though Monopoly Live is a relatively new arrival to the Live Casino experience. It’s available at many different operators. Undoubtedly, we can attribute this to Evolution Gaming‘s reach in the online casino industry.

Ensure that you research any operator that you’re considering carefully, but you shouldn’t struggle to find an excellent casino with this game. Here are a few that we’d suggest:

What Is the Monopoly Live Game Show?

Monopoly Live has become one of the most popular game shows in Canada – powered by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live is a game show based on the classic board game by Hasbro. In truth, it’s a hybrid game since it prominently features many of the mechanics used for Dream Catcher.

The game features both the base wheel, on which most of the game relies, and a virtual monopoly board. The virtual board relies on a random number generator and an automatic dice roller to reward random prizes and multipliers. 

How to Play Monopoly Live Game Show?

If you’re looking for a game with a lot of intense strategy and other challenging aspects, this game isn’t for you. Monopoly Live is a relatively simple game show that anyone can play in their free time. 

If you’ve ever played the Evolution Gaming classic Dream Catcher you’re already familiar with many of the basics. The central part of the game revolves around the wheel, so that’s where we’ll start.

The wheel is entirely manual and doesn’t rely on a random number generator or other technology to deliver an answer. The game features a live presenter at all times, who is responsible for spinning the wheel.

The Monopoly Live wheel is divided into 54 segments and features four different colours of Monopoly money. Furthermore, the board has two chance slots, three ‘2 rolls’ spaces, and a single ‘4 rolls’.

Monopoly Live features a layout with 4 banknotes and the 2 bonus signs at the bottom of the game screen. By placing a digital casino chip on any of those six options, you make a wager on that number or bonus.

You can choose between a one, two, five, or 10 currency note. If the presenter spins the wheel and it lands on the number you wagered on, you earn back your stake and profits. We’ll discuss the payout mechanics in the next section.

It’s possible to wager on all six options at once, but you’re likely to lose a lot of money that way. If you need to step away for a moment, or you’re angling for the bonus game, you can also use the ‘autoplay’ feature. 

As with a slot machine, you set your wager amount and a number of spins. Unlike the slots, you also need to choose what you’d like to wager on. The game will then automatically make the bid you set it on for every round.

Chance cards

The chance cards are available to anyone that’s wagered on the round. Irrespective of which space you’ve wagered on, you get to partake in the chance cards. 

Chance cards can give you either a multiplier or an instant cash prize. If you get a multiplier, the presenter spins the wheel again, and your original wager stays in place. If your initial bet pans out, you make your stake back times the multiplier. 

If your wager doesn’t pan out, you get nothing. It’s worth noting that the chance multipliers are stackable. If you manage to get two chance cards in a row, by some stroke of fortune, then the game multiplies your wager by the sum of the two multipliers. 

The chance cards are the most straightforward part of the wagering since they don’t depend on your making a specific wager. Let’s move on to the central part of the wheel and discuss the Monopoly money.

Monopoly Live Bonus Game

The final essential part is the bonus games. As with the money, you have to wager on a bonus to benefit from it. If the wheel stops on ‘2 rolls’ and you were only betting on ‘4 rolls’, you don’t get to participate in the bonus game. 

Conversely, if the wheel stops on ‘4 rolls’ and you only wagered on ‘2 rolls,’ you’re excluded from the bonus game. If you haven’t wagered on either bonus space, then you can’t play the bonuses at all. 

If you manage to wager on the correct bonus slot, the game will sweep you away to a digital Monopoly board. First, you’ll get to watch as houses and hotels land on the board, sprouting multipliers as they go. 

Once the multipliers are in place, the first roll takes place. The game makes use of an automatic dice roller to stream live rolls. Following this, Mr. Monopoly moves the number of spaces that the dice indicated.

The place where Mr. Monopoly stops dictates how big a multiplier you get. Every time you land on a space, you get your wager times that multiplier. The nice thing about the dice is that the rolls are stackable. 

Every time you roll a double, you get another roll. Theoretically, this indicates that you can continue the bonus round for quite a while. With a couple of well-landed rolls, you can play your multiplier up to around the 1000x mark.

It’s worth noting that you can also land on chance cards during the bonus game. As in the main game, they give either multipliers or cash prizes.

Monopoly Live Game Show Payouts

Now that you’re familiar with the gameplay and basics let’s discuss the Monopoly Live RTP and payouts. This game compares favourably with other game shows and the return to player (RTP) of 96.20% is surprisingly high.

The payouts are slightly complicated for this game as each banknote or slot has its own specific odds and payout. We’ll look at each number in turn and tell you how much you can expect to earn if you land on it.

The one offers a payout of 1:1. You can earn between 円0.10 and 円500,000, depending on your wager size. If your wager is 円20, you’ll make 円20 from a winning bet.

Twos boast a payout of 2:1. Whatever you wager, you’ll get twice as much from a winning spin. 

Any budding mathematicians among you have likely spotted the pattern by now. Fives offer a 5:1 payout, and tens host a payout of 10:1.

The exception to the above rules lies in the chance cards. If you happen to get a chance multiplier before your winning wager, you can earn more from your winning spin.

Let’s turn our attention to the bonus games now. Remember that, to participate in a bonus round, you must have wagered on the appropriate place. As with the other spaces, you can wager any of the standard chips on these slots. 

However, unlike the other spaces, there’s no fixed payout. The bonus games are the true gold of this game, and you can win the game maximum on them. At the maximum base payout of 10:1, it would take quite a few lucky spins to win the game’s max. However, with stackable dice rolls and many multipliers, either of the bonus rounds can stack to the maximum.

It’s far from likely that you’ll manage to win 円500,000 with a 円0.10 bet, but it’s theoretically possible. One of the larger multipliers on the digital board is 500x, so imagine the stacking potential.

Monopoly Live Game Show Strategy

Since this is a live game show, it relies heavily on chance, and you can’t strategize overmuch. However, there are a few things that you can do to help boost your chances.

For instance, you can know the probabilities of the various slots. If you break down the wheel into its multiple parts, you can work out the odds on each space.

There are two chance slots, three ‘2 rolls’ slots, and one ‘4 rolls slots’. Furthermore, there are 22 ones, 15 twos, four 10s, and seven fives. 

For the sake of the calculations, we’ll treat the bonuses as a group. You have approximately a one in 14 chance of landing a prize. Theoretically, that means you should land on one once in every 14 spins. It’s not perfect, but it helps nudge your bets in the right direction. Calculate the probability for each field and let that guide you.

Finally, try to keep a consistent wager on both bonuses since that’s where the real winning potential is. You don’t want to lose out on winning big because you got distracted by the other wagering.

Graphics & Sounds

Monopoly Live is inspired by the blockbuster game Monopoly

This game graphics in Monopoly Live are phenomenal. During the live spins, the outside of the studio features a vibrant Monopoly city. At the same time, Mr. Monopoly sits comfortably in an armchair, awaiting his feature.

Furthermore, the bonus features are beautiful. You get swept away from the studio to a Monopoly game board. The design is so cunning that you can watch Mr. Monopoly walking among the animated trees as he walks out your dice rolls.

As for the audio, the voice and rambling of the presenter dominate the live spins. That’s not a bad thing when the presenter is good but can become overbearing when they’re not.

During the bonuses, you have Mr. Monopoly talking to you as lively background music plays. Altogether, the game comes together spectacularly.

Other Game Shows to Play If You Like Monopoly Live Game Show

If you find that you enjoy the Monopoly Live game show, you may wonder about similar games. An excellent place to start when you’re looking for similar games is Dream Catcher. The classic Evolution Gaming wheel is the inspiration for some of their other game shows, and there are many.

Dream Catcher is similar to Monopoly Live, but the stakes and payouts can be much higher with that game. Nevertheless, both are simple spin-the-wheel type games where you wager on where the wheel will stop.

Lightning Roulette is another similar and top-rated game show. As with Monopoly, Evolution Gaming has added a whole new gaming layer to this version of roulette. It’s considered the largest live roulette game in the world.

Perhaps it’s the Monopoly theme that drew you, and not the game show part so much. In that case, there are many other Monopoly-themed games that you could try. Super Monopoly Money from SG Digital is a beloved slot game. The Monopoly Big Event slot is another such innovation.

Monopoly Live Review – Conclusion

Monopoly Live has definitely marked its territory when it comes to the best Game Shows that online casino has to offer – and that is why we find it a must in all the best online casinos in Canada.

Additionally, the graphics and design elements of this game are incorporated well. If you love Monopoly and spin-the-wheel type games, you’re sure to enjoy this hybrid.

And now, why not have a go at Monopoly Live at some of the most reliable casinos in Canada? We wish you the best of luck!